LCD Video Walls Pro Series, Model: DS-D2046NL-C

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  • Direct-lit LED backlight with uniform brightness and no boundary shadows
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution, 178° viewing angle
  • Ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel design
  • Factory calibration for color uniformity
  • Anti-glare, high definition, high brightness, high color gamut, and vivid images with rich colors
  • Stable and 24-hour continuous working
  • Metal casing for preventing from radiation and magnetic & electric field interference
  • Wall-mount and modular brackets available to meet various installation requirementsUnleash the power of our LCD video walls: bezel-free screens, vibrant colors, and durable hardware. Enjoy seamless signal transmission, flexible control, and support for various signals and resolutions with our advanced video wall controllers.