ZWDH(B) – Indoor LED Displays

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Supported by SMD, IMD, and COB encapsulation technologies, it provides an indelible visual experience, and give users more convenient operation with its image-improving technology and remote-control functionality.

  • Flip-chip COB, enhanced display effect, and better protection
  • Contrast ratio up to 18,000:1, & brightness 1,000 nits
  • Low power consumption
  • Models available:
    • DS-D4207CI-ZWDB (P0.7 Fine Fixel Pitch COB LED Display Unit)
    • DS-D4209CI-ZWDH (B) (2nd Gen High Brightness P0.9 COB LED Unit)
    • DS-D4212CI-ZWDH(B) (2nd Gen High Brightness P1.2 COB LED Unit)