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Malaysia’s Trusted Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier

Welcome to The Knowledge Group online AV store. We are a video conferencing equipment supplier that has a wide range of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras available. PTZ cameras are designed with mechanical parts that allow the camera to swivel from left to right, tilt up and down or even zoom in and out.

Our PTZ cameras are made and produced by Lumens. All of Lumens cameras have a large field of view to monitor large areas and provide maximum coverage for the viewer. On top of that, Lumens PTZ cameras have optical zoom features that have great focus when zooming in on a certain area.

Common places where PTZ cameras are used include corporate meetings, classes, lectures, events and other similar areas. They can be mounted on a table, wall, cabinet or anywhere in a static position whilst giving the user the full control to use the features of the camera to zoom in and out.

Not all video conference cameras are expensive in price. At The Knowledge Group, our video conference camera prices are affordable to all organisations, businesses and schools in Malaysia. Browse our online store today for all the best PTZ cameras.

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