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Epson Projector Supplier in Malaysia

Epson is a leading manufacturer in products such as projectors, printers, scanners and more. The first Epson projector was introduced in 1989, and until today its brand is still known to produce good quality and trusted products around the world, and is highly favoured by many businesses, organisations and educational institutions.

Epson Projector Supplier

The Knowledge Group is an AV online store and Epson projector supplier in Malaysia. Our company is a proud distributor of Epson products which includes items such as business projectors, short throw projectors, interactive projectors, high brightness laser projectors, digital signage projectors and more.

Epson projectors are built for quality and outstanding image display when the images are projected onto the screen. Its projectors are state-of-the-art and are made from durable quality. These amazing features make the brand highly desirable to customers around the world, and is especially good for both corporate and educational presentations. 

Projector Supplier in Malaysia

As a projector supplier in Malaysia, we distribute a wide selection of Epson products to all businesses, organisations, educational institutions and other relevant institutions located in Malaysia. Feel free to browse for all our Epson projectors below to find the best product that suits your intended use.

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